Since we last watched ourselves some Archer there have been rumblings that Adam Reed, the show’s creator and sole writer, is getting bored with espionage. Thus the switch in direction from a spy show to a drug cartel show. It makes no sense as to how this could be the same series. After watching five episodes of the fifth season it’s clear that Archer Vice is indeed a new premise, but it’s blissfully the same show we’ve all come to adore. Somehow Reed has been able to build a new show that feels, and makes you laugh, the same as the previous iteration.

Like Community going forth with a “re-pilot,” Archer Vice finds the ISIS crew kicked out of their destroyed headquarters and embarking upon the season with what is essentially a new pilot episode. The FBI have seized everything, including Sterling’s swank pad, and have left the team with only one remaining possession from their spy game days: a tonne of coke. That’s a metric tonne, not a ton, as Cyril explains to the team.

For all of the changes, things still remain familiar. Here are the five things that have us excited about the new direction of Archer Vice when Season 5 premieres Monday, January 13 at 10:00 pm ET on FX...

Archer Season 5
ISIS Is Gone
It turns out that all of the time ISIS has been running spy missions, they’ve really been more like Blackwater missions. Malory Archer never had government approval to do the things she’s done. Essentially the entire core premise for the series has been ripped away, and exposed as a lie. This has been talked about already by executive producer Matt Thompson, and the news lead to wondering how this will alter the show.

The answer, it turns out, is that it flips the series on its side. It then kicks old Archer with a steel toed boot and watches as the series we knew and loved dies a bloody death. The ISIS offices are gone, Krieger’s lab is gone, Lana’s reduced to only having her guns but no bullets since she got those from work, and everything else iconic is gone. Except that these are still the same people, and while ISIS has been confiscated by the FBI, the team that ran the missions remains intact. They’re just performing a new task, which brings us to...

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