If you asked me to name my favorite TV show of the last ten years, hell even ever, Arrested Development would come out of my mouth 9 times out of 10 ("there's got to be a better way to say that"). The tenth would probably be The Wire. However, now HBO has Game of Thrones, a new fantasy drama that has pretty much consumed my life (finished season one, in the middle of book two and names like Targaryen are randomly popping into my head).

Sure, it's too early just one season in to proclaim that Game of Thrones is of the caliber of an Arrested (or even The Wire) but the good people over at Arrested Westeros decided to combine them anyway. Yes, another meme factory but this one I like (and I don't like many). Maybe it's just because the shows couldn't be any farther from one another and yet both gravitate to some weird family dynamics. Plus the quotes from AD actually mesh well (mostly) with the stills from GoT.

I stumbled across the site while reading The AV Club's "Fire and Blood "(For Experts) article which is a great read for those who have already finished the George R.R. Martin series in print.

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