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Netflix has released Season 4 of Arrested Development in its entirety, which means we'll be binge-watching the series' revival and sharing our reactions with you over the next couple of days. The recap below contains spoilers from Episode 6 - "Double Crossers." Read no further if you haven't seen the episode yet!

Six episodes in and we're still being kept in the dark about what Gob is up to. Though "Double Crossers" did fill in a few blanks, including bees (Bees?!), a "famousy" girlfriend and a giant cross. Gob's just one of the lead characters who has yet to be featured in his own episode, and we're due for an update on him, but Ep. 6 took us back to George Sr.'s story, as he crossed paths with Terry Crews' Herbert Love, a politician who's advocating low taxes for high income earners, and who could play a crucial role in George Sr.'s wall project… which is on the verge of collapsing.

So, it turns out that $80k in cartography classes was a big-old waste of money when it counted, as Buster's map of the Mexican border was about 50 feet off. Though this is apparently a big improvement from whatever came before that crayoned illustration, that 50 feet cost George Sr. his wall project, as his big plot of American land turned out to be Mexican. So, after hitting Herbert Love up for some support, in exchange for a $50,000 tip (money that wasn't his) George Sr. had to figure out a way to dump the land. That included enlisting Michael's help to "get Love against the wall," and subjecting a uniformed Buster to a dizzy spell by including him in his "roundabout way" to trick the government into thinking a wall had been built.

Oscar has gone all in with Lucille while pretending to be his brother. When he isn't bending Lucille over the couch (her words), he's using what's left of his libido on Lucille 2. That explains Michael thinking he saw his father on the balcony. And either the mysterious ostrich man was right in his prophesy or George Sr.'s suffering some major health issues, which have his testosterone levels way down (somewhere in the baby range) and his estrogen levels up. An early indication of this problem was revealed when he complained of tenderness while being patted down, and we saw further examples later on. He's emotional and moody and desperate enough to attempt to ride an MRI machine to climax, on the advice of Doctor Norman, who had his "thinking cap" on at the time.

So, we don't know what's going on with George Sr's health right now, though Dr. Norman did rule out a number of movie-plot devices, including the 'Liar Liar kid-made-a-wish-at-a-birthday-party' situation and any kind of Freaky Friday-like syndrome. Badly phrased wishes are probably off the table too. It's good that Dr. Norman's covering all his bases. Not so good that he's polluting the bay with his medical waste.

The episode closed out with things falling apart at the Cinco de Cuatro carnival, just before Herbert Love's speech. So we don't know if he's going to speak and whether or not he'll state his position against the wall, but if he doesn't, there may be trouble with Lucille 2.

The Rest of the Developments:

Poor Buster! First he's made to carry his mother's exhaled cigarette smoke to the balcony and now his father (or uncle) is spinning him to nausea.

Gob has a giant cross to bear, which he somehow managed to fit inside his limo, which previously held bees. He's apparently a gentleman honey farmer and has a Christian magic act. What are the odds that we see Gob up on a cross before the season's out?

Rebel Alley is Ron Howard's estranged daughter, having been named after the place where she was conceived. She also has a criminal history. I also think it's possible that she's the "famousy" person Gob's seeing.

"No hugging!"

Lucille sent Maeby $50,000 for plastic surgery.

"You're acting like a little girl lately and not in a good way."

Who screamed when Gob and Michael entered the house? And why does John Beard have a cabinet full of Hard Lemonade there?

"Well, with homeopathy, it's the molecules you don't ingest. But, I'm the one who can get hard, so let's focus on you."

Michael says he'll pay Lucille 2 back by getting her against the wall, or up against the top of the stairs. He doesn't care. It's going to happen, though.

"No, I mean it's good to be out of that sweaty old hotbox at the compound."

Lindsay was seen sporting a red wig earlier. What was that about? And how did the wig get to the carnival for George Sr. to find?

"This heat just makes me want guac."

George Sr. passed Gob on his way to get his prescription filled. Gob was holding a piece of fruit. Behind him on the wall was a sign that said, "Are you in a Roofie Circle?" The list of ways to tell were: When shame feels like it won't go away. People are surprised when you're surprised to see them. Loss of month. Weight gain." Is that a hint that someone's been ingesting Forget-Me-Nows?

Orange County Imagine - George Sr. ran into Michael when he was trying to go to Orange County Imaging. It really is amazing what a difference one letter can make.

Lesson of the episode: Counters do not make good bottle openers in Sudden Valley.

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