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Arrested Development cutoffs poster

Break out your cutoffs - or strip down to them, if you're a nevernude! Arrested Development is coming back! That's not exactly news, but the new teaser posters do a fine job of reminding us of some of the things we love about the series, including Tobias' infamous jean shorts, which he wouldn't be seen without if he wasn't wearing anything else.

The above poster comes courtesy of TVLine, who also shared this one, which preserves the memory of a certain dead dove. Please don't eat it.

Dead Dove

Meanwhile, one of the posters shared by Vulture reminds us to get "hooked" again, paying tribute to Buster's prosthetic hook.

Buster's hook

And in this one, we have a prescription for Lucille, courtesy of Dr. Miller.

Lucille's pills

It's interesting to note that none of these posters (or the others that have been shared) have the premiere date on them - opting to go with "AD2013" at the bottom instead - which makes me wonder if they were intended to be run earlier but weren't for some reason. Either way, they're a great throwback to the original seasons and they do a nice job of reminding me that I need to go back and watch the whole series from the beginning again before the show returns next month.

The last new poster we saw for the series' return came when the premiere date was first announced. All of the new episodes for the series will debut on Netflix on May 26.

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