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The Flash and Arrow are about to crossover! Many fans are brimming with excitement about the special episodes, but deep down, there are some who are a little bit worried too. What if the crossover seems gimmicky or forced or uncomfortable? Fortunately, the creative minds behind both spectacular superhero shows have thought about all the same things themselves.

When asked about crossover events like this, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told EW the following…
”The best special episodes—especially when you think back to “Once More, with Feeling” on Buffy—are not just gimmicks, they also really enhance the plot and the character arcs. This episode really does that.”

There are few things television shows love more than special event episodes. Why? Because the network can hype them for weeks and more often than not, temporarily improve ratings among casual fans who will tune in just to see what all the fuss is about. In theory, that should be win-win, but in actuality, it’s often just the opposite. The episode in question winds up having little in common with the larger series. More often than not, it’ll be remembered as a weird outlier. In the worst cases, it’ll affect the larger show thanks to nonsense shoehorned in simply for the gimmick episode.

Beyond the importance of basic quality, as outlined above, there is another reason why it’s particularly important for Flash and Arrow to get the crossover right. Because they share a network and many of the same brilliant minds, The Flash and Arrow can crossover as many times as they want in the future. The situation is a whole lot closer to Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, as opposed to Family Guy and The Simpsons event, or anything else along those lines. But in order for fans to want the show to keep returning to the well, it needs to be done right. If it sucks, no one will want to see the heroes meet again.

Fortunately, we should all be pretty confident about what we’re going to see. The worlds have merged before in smaller doses, and while the characters and larger shows each have their own tones and feels, the vision isn’t so diametrically opposed that they couldn’t work together. Besides, the tone difference is apparently going to be a big part of the plot.
”So much of these two episodes are really examining the very different kinds of heroes that Barry and Oliver have become. Joe and Wells share this view that the Arrow is dangerous and unstable and not the kind of hero that Barry should be emulating. What’s interesting about these episodes is that they’re both validated in some ways, but Oliver actually really learns something through the course of these episodes.”

The Flash and Arrow crossover event airs on Tuesday and Wednesday this week on The CW at 8 EST.

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