Last week's episode of Arrow really spoiled audiences in terms of tie-ins to the DC Universe. "Suicide Squad" not only saw the (first) formation of Task Force X but also featured probably the biggest cameo to date with Tara Stong voicing an incarcerated Harley Quinn. And it was only the seventh installment of the second season. How could the The CW superhero series possibly follow that? Well, by bringing the "Birds of Prey" in the eighteenth…

3. Birds Of Prey
Even though it couldn't quite top the previous adventure, "Birds of Prey" was another really solid episode of Arrow thanks to the return of Jessica De Gouw's Helena Bertinelli also known as (the third) Huntress. This is De Gouw's fourth time on the show ("Muse Of Fire," "Vendetta" and "The Huntress Returns) but the first since Sara Lance's Canary has come to Starling City making the Birds of Prey link possible. Of course, there's no Oracle on the series (yet), however, Felicity would certainly fill that role nicely if called upon. Let's hope she doesn't have to take a bullet for a possible spin-off.

On second thought, Felicity better not be going anywhere, even though she and Dig were once again relegated to the sidelines last night. Sara leaving Starling to join Helena wouldn't be the biggest deal though, since Arrow got along fine without both and it would also pave the way for Laurel's Black Canary if they decide to go that route. Given the recent developments with the reinstated attorney, I think that's a safe bet, especially now that's she's working closer to Kate Spencer. Oh, and did anyone catch where the final showdown took place? The intersection of Gail and Simone.

2. We Have To Go Back
In keeping with the whole "Birds of Prey" theme, the flashbacks (back) on Lian Yu this week served as more of an origin story for Sara's Canary than Oliver's Green Arrow. Ollie didn't manage to escape the Amazo with the others and is now being used as a bargaining chip by the new captain. Not many of the crew were willing to oppose Slade's new leadership after seeing him hack off Dr. Ivo's arm. Not that they could if they wanted to with the mirakuru flowing through the mercenary's veins. So what is Slade willing to trade Oliver's life for? Probably, nothing. I don't see him ever just handing him over, even if it means never getting the ship up and running.

But yes, he's willing to pretend to want to trade his precious captive for this 'Hendrick Von Arnim' fellow. Last time Hendrick was on Arrow, I speculated about who he (and fellow former prisoner Reverend Thomas Flynn) might be, only able to come up with a few wild guesses. I still don't know. He could be a nod to Heinrich Megala but I'm not at all sure. (And this time they didn't bother to show Flynn's rat, so I'm even less sure in his case.) We do know one of the other escapees was Oliver's good buddy Anatoli Knyazev, or KGBeast and he once again played a vital role in our heroes' success. Well, temporary success. They still have to make a trade with a guy crazy enough to give his friend turned enemy his dead dream girl's tattoo as a 'reminder.' Good luck.

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