Forget the DCU tie-ins and easter eggs, just keeping track of The CW’s superhero series' schedule is getting complicated enough. Arrow airs for a week or two here and there before taking one, two, even three weeks off between episodes. The spotty rhythm does make each installment seem like an event, like the team is actually waiting for crimes to occur instead of relying on the (sometimes tiresome) villain of the week (after week after week) format.

Not that the procedural aspect has ever really dominated the show. Both the episodic and serialized stories are given equal attention which also adds to the event-like nature of every episode. This time the show is definitely back for three consecutive adventures and could very well air every Wednesday until the finale. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. Fans probably won't know whether "The Promise" made by "Deathstroke" (in quotes because it's the name of the episode in two weeks) is kept or not without Arrow taking at least one more break but, well, it's kind of hard to care about possible scheduling gaps right now since we just saw the "Suicide Squad."

3. Suicide Squad
Talking about the titular squad first seems to make the most sense and Arrow's incarnation of Task Force X is made up of six familiar faces from the television show's universe. The 'team' was assembled by Amanda Waller's Mockingbird but lead into action by Lyla 'Harbinger' Michaels and a reluctant Diggle. Dig has good reason to not want to work with the squad considering his nemesis Floyd 'Deadshot' Lawton is just one of three villains he's faced in the past on the team. The other two former villains-of-the-week turned task force members are Ben 'Bronze Tiger' Turner, who seems the most stable of the group, and Mark 'Shrapnel' Scheffer, who proves the most unstable. Probably not a good idea for a (DC Comics) government agency to recruit an anti-government extremist. You don't go around recruiting a team without a mission to send them on and A.R.G.U.S. Agent Waller has created Task Force X in order to 'retrieve' a chemical weapon from a terrorist named Gholem Qadir.

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