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Awesome Comic Hack/Slash Getting Turned Into TV Series, Get The Details

When most people think about comic book TV shows, they probably have The Flash and Arrow popping up in their minds first. But some of us out there enjoy the darker non-superhero titles, and one of the best horror comics of the modern age is getting turned into a TV show, as Relativity Television has begun development on Hack/Slash. Don’t expect this to make its way to ABC or anything.

Fans of the comic series have been waiting for years for the long-gestating movie adaptation to come into existence, but it looks like the small screen take could get there first, with Adrian Skarieh, who first optioned the comic in 2005, and Limitless EP Ray Ricord as executive producers. And they plan on keeping this material as gritty and gross as the source material. But it’s the man in the driver’s seat that is most worth talking about.

According to THR, putting the script together for Hack/Slash is Skip Woods, whose last big screen work was done for Hitman: Agent 47. Okay, that wasn’t the best movie, but he also wrote A Good Day to Die Hard. Not your cup of tea? What about X-Men Origins: Wolverine? No? Sabotage? The A-Team? Swordfish? I actually liked that one. Maybe this is a case of a not-wonderful action movie writer finding his calling as a horror writer. I’m willing to suspend more disbelief for this than I was with everything John McClane went through in that last Die Hard sequel.

So what is Hack Slash about? Created by Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli, the comic centers on Cassie Hack, who serves as the epitome of all the Final Girl horror movie stereotypes, but instead of dying at “the end,” she’s taking the fight back to all the murderous bastards (called Slashers) who prey on teenagers. Joining in her monster-slaying quest is Vlad, a giant disfigured dude in a gas mask who has a talent of sticking cleavers into bad guys, which come in both undead form and in alive-but-psychotic form. Created in 2004, the series had a couple dozen issues, but there have also been several one-off issues and limited series, including one where Hack went up against Chucky of Child’s Play fame.

It’s been almost 10 years since Rogue Pictures snatched up Hack/Slash for a film adaptation, and the road to the feature was one plagued with delays. One of the last hopeful news bits we got was back in 2012 when director Marcus Nispel signed on. Relativity TV is also trying to turn the film Haywire into a show, so they clearly have the motivation to get action-packed material out there.

And maybe if it ends up on Starz, we’ll get to see a crossover between Hack/Slash and Ash vs Evil Dead. Color us blood-red with hope.

Nick Venable
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