Hulu has plenty of original programming hitting the schedule this year, but none is higher profile than The Awesomes, an animated superhero program put together by Seth Meyers and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon producer Michael Shoemaker. The extended trailer gives us a look at a dysfunctional group of superheroes led by Prock (Meyers) who are the B-team rather than the A-team in the superhero world. Despite the group’s poor reputation, they must still battle bad guys and try to come out on top.

Honestly, fans who have been keeping up with Hulu’s upcoming series have been privy to plenty of teasers and other footage related to the series. Sure, this trailer is an extended one, but I really wish Hulu had gone out on a limb and released a full scene or something instead of a slightly longer trailer. Those lucky enough to actually be at Comic-Con actually got to see the world premiere of the first episode of the new series, rather than this rinky-dink trailer. I know Hulu doesn’t want to jump the gun before the show’s August 1 premiere date, but we couldn’t have gotten five full minutes of extra footage, really?

The one big thing we do learn from the trailer is that one of the members of The Awesomes is actually working undercover for one of the bad guys. I expected more jokes than plot in the animated comedy, so it’s nice to see the writers are really looking into its character's moral compasses and are showing a willingness to have both good and reprehensible characters on the program.

If you’ve caught any of the teasers for the series, you’ll know the characters are pretty weird and it’s hard to take the group as a whole seriously. As Prock notes in the trailer, “If we’re gonna be taken seriously, we’ve got to get serious.” But with a cast list that includes characters like Frantic, a speedy redneck, The Impresario, the magically bejeweled superhero, and Gadget Gal , a superhero with a hot body and the cranky mouth of a woman in her eighties, this group will have to really fight to get serious street cred—the more comedic moments, the merrier, though.


Hulu has signed on for ten episodes of The Awesomes in Season 1. The show will hit the streaming service on the first day of August. Unlike Netflix’s formatting, the first two episodes of The Awesomes will be available on August 1, with one new episode per week hitting the schedule subsequently. The series stars Emily Spivey, Kenan Thompson, Taran Killam, Ike Barinholtz, Rashida Jones, and Paula Pell, among others.

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