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Things are about to get seriously Awkward. on MTV tonight as the cable channel's comedy returns for the first part of its fourth season. MTV released an extended preview for Awkward's Season 4, which teases the start of Jenna Hamilton's senior year. It's barely a spoiler alert to note that there appears to be more Matty drama on the horizon, and it's drama that's reminiscent of the first season as it seems they're doing a sort of friends-with-benefits thing that may not be working out so well.

Also, is Tamara cat-fishing Jake? Because that seems like exactly the kind of thing she would do and the above trailer (via Variety) seems to tease as much. And then there's the senior ranking drama. The official synopsis for Season 4 of Awkward points out that Jenna's coming off a series of bad choices and it sounds like it's affecting her senior ranking...
After a tumultuous junior year that saw Jenna Hamilton making bad choices, ruining friendships and cheating on her love, Matty McKibben, we find Jenna and her friends embarking on their senior year-- an intense time fraught with anxiety about making the transition from dependent adolescent to independent adult. When senior rankings are leaked on the first day of school, it's a kick in the pants for Jenna to get her act together, when she sees her place on the list.

It's senior year and the stakes are high for everyone. With a school year filled with events like senior sleepover, ski trip, a male beauty pageant, class picture, spirit week and many other adventures, it's a season of last chances, old and new romances and big risks.

Class photo, ski trip, senior sleepover -- seriously, what is that?! -- spirit week and other milestone senior year events appear to be in the cards.

I feel like this series is attempting to push Jenna back down into underdog status, this time at least partially of her own doing. After cheating on Matty and pushing her friends away, her social status -- or lack thereof -- is probably at least mostly her fault. So it's a little harder to feel all that sympathetic toward her as she faces new (or revisited) issues. But hopefully we'll still be able to relate with her as she tries to overcome the obstacles and figure out what she wants as she trudges through her final year of high school.

Here's a demonstration of Matty and Jenna's awkwardness...

Awkward Season 4 premieres tonight (Tuesday, April 15) with a one-hour episode at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. The series will be joined by Faking It, MTV's new awkward-ish high school comedy, next week.

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