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Grandfathered features the occasional guest star, but so far a lot of the weekly plots have revolved around the family unit made up of Jimmy, Gerald, Sara, Vanessa and Edie. Obviously, however, just because the four adults and the baby spend a lot of time together trying to make family outings and the like work doesn’t mean that potential romantic entanglements between the leads have worked out. In fact, Sara is expected to have a brand new romantic interest in the coming weeks, and he’ll be played by none other than Battlestar Galactica’s Michael Trucco.

Trucco has one of those faces that seem pretty ageless, so I was pretty surprised to hear he’s almost the same age as Paget Brewster, who plays Sara on the Fox comedy. As such, it’s pretty fitting that he should be a potential love interest for Sara, although you shouldn’t expect him to be anything like Anders on BSG. Deadline says the man is going to play a “hipster musician.” We already knew Sara was into going to shows, and apparently she had a fling with Trucco’s character Craig in the past, presumably after Jimmy moved on with his life.

The chemistry between Jimmy and Sara has been there since the pilot when it was revealed that Sara was the only woman Jimmy ever truly cared about. Since then, however, Jimmy’s irresponsible behavior has kept a potential relationship with Sara from sparking, and she even recently hit it off with the other father figure in Gerald’s life. I thought that plotline might go somewhere in the coming weeks, actually, but it looks as if her flirtations with that dude might be nipped in the bud by his constant traveling for work or for the convenience of the story or whatever. Enter Craig, which begs the question, is Grandfathered planning on parading all of the men involved in Sara’s life in front of Jimmy? If so, he probably deserves it.

Trucco has been in the TV game for a long time. The last prominent role he had was a stint on Revenge back in 2013, although he had a gig on Killer Women after that. He has also popped up in Criminal Minds, Scandal, Con Man and most recently, The Librarians. Similar to those roles, the Grandfathered gig seems as if it will be a short one, which is probably good news for Jimmy.

Grandfathered has been doing okay in the ratings since it premiered this fall and even received a back nine order from the channel. In order to bring some new eyeballs to the comedy, Fox is shuffling its schedule around before winter premieres. One of the big changes involves Grandfathered, as the network is putting together a full comedy lineup on Tuesday nights, also incorporating New Girl, The Grinder and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Fox's Grandfathered will return on Tuesday,January 5 at 8:30 p.m. ET. You can check out when the rest of your favorites will be returning with our midseason TV schedule.