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Ben And Kate Preview: A Look At Fox's Family-Focused Comedy

It looks like Fox made the right choice in pairing Mindy Kaling's new comedy with New Girl, and the same could probably be said about Ben and Kate being paired with Raising Hope on the Tuesday night comedy lineup. While Kaling's comedy focuses on a woman trying to improve her life, Ben and Kate seems to be all about family, of which the Chance family likely would approve.

On paper, Ben and Kate sounds like a cute, family-focused comedy series about a single mom whose brother returns to town and offers to stick around to help raise her daughter. But the trailer actually sells the concept much better. Check that out below, along with Fox's official synopsis for the series and the cast photo…

BEN AND KATE, the heartwarming new sibling comedy created by Dana Fox (“What Happens In Vegas”) and directed by Jake Kasdan (“Bad Teacher”), debuts this fall. Starring newcomer Dakota Johnson and Nat Faxon (“Bad Teacher,” Academy Award-winning co-screenwriter of “The Descendants”), the comedy follows a pair of odd-couple siblings – one, an overly responsible single mom; the other, an exuberant kid-at-heart – and their friends as they push each other out of their comfort zones and into real life.

Formerly titled Ben Fox is my Manny, Ben and Kate stars Dakota Johnson (whom you may remember for her role as the girl who told Justin Timberlake's character Sean Parker about Facebook in The Social Network), Maggie Jones (recently seen being adorable in We Bought a Zoo) and Bad Teacher's Nat Faxon, all three of whom you'll meet in the trailer below.

The trailer almost feels more like a movie than a TV show, but that only makes Ben and Kate more intriguing to me. "Heartwarming" seems like a fair description, and I like that Fox is looking to expand on their family-focused programming.

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