Better Call Saul Season 2 Trailer Is Stressful But Engaging

Though Breaking Bad fans had general reservations about Better Call Saul when the spinoff was announced, the show proved itself to be a masterclass in excising the maximum amount of drama from a relatively small-scale situation. Jimmy McGill’s story will open up quite a bit in Season 2, as the trailer below hints at, and we may soon get to meet the smug shyster that is Saul Goodman. Check it out!

We’re still three months or so away from Season 2 of Better Call Saul, and there’s no telling just how far into the production process all of the episodes are. So there’s not a whole lot going on here as far as new footage is concerned. But it’s all about setting an intense mood and letting audiences in on the fact that we’re going to be getting a very different version of Jimmy McGill in 2016. I mean, there’s still a pretty good chance that Jimmy will end up being the exact same person in most respects, but at least now we know he won’t be putting up with his brother Chuck’s bullshit anymore.

In the soundbites, we get to hear him talking about his future persona Saul Goodman, and then a mishmash of voices take over his head, referencing key moments from Season 1. I can’t wait to see how Jimmy brings Mike into things on a more permanent basis, and watching their relationship build is an absolute draw to watching Season 2.

AMC also put out a second promo for Season 2, although it’s even more of a mixed bag of Season 1 moments. Still, all Saul is good Saul.

Season 1 of Better Call Saul ended with Jimmy infuriated with Chuck for being his biggest career obstacle all these years, and that was coupled with the death of his best friend and criminal partner Marco. And something tells me things will only get darker before Jimmy/Saul sees any kind of light. Hopefully no more Chicago Sunroofs for anyone, though.

Audiences shouldn’t expect to find Better Call Saul Season 2 until 2016 has been under way at least a month or two. But if you’re looking to see Bob Odenkirk in a bunch of much different roles, then don’t forget to watch him and David Cross in With Bob and David when it hits Netflix on Friday, November 13.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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