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New Better Call Saul Video Teases Connections To Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul has been moving forward to series for what seems like forever. Luckily, AMC hasn’t left fans in the lurch, producing new previews, music videos and behind-the-scenes looks at the brand new drama on the regular. You can check out the latest video from the set, below.

The new video features Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk talking about the origins of AMC’s upcoming series and how creator Vince Gilligan had the idea to spinoff from Breaking Bad with a new show featuring the meth-oriented drama’s most popular side character.

“Just being a part of Breaking Bad was all that you could ask for. It was a great gift. And when Breaking Bad was ending, Vince [Gilligan] pointed out that a lot of people like the character Saul Goodman. It was always in Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould’s laps to create it, want to do it, have a vision for it. And I came along as a lucky actor.”

While we get to see Saul change suits quite a few times, we mostly get to hear from the cast and crew in the video, who all seem quite pleased to be back to tell more stories in the Breaking Bad universe with Better Call Saul. If I were a member of the crew, I’d be stoked, too. Productions don’t always have the kind of longevity Breaking Bad has, and Better Call Saul is just an added bonus in terms of job security.

Michael Mando, who plays Nacho in Better Call Saul, also promises plenty of fun surprises for fans of the former series.

“We have some really nice surpises that Breaking Bad fans are just going to eat up.”

So, while the production team and cast swear Better Call Saul stands on its own, it’s clear that the show is engaging fans of Breaking Bad more than it is hoping to pull in a brand new audience, which is probably smart. We’ll be able to find out if the show pulls it off when Better Call Saul hits the schedule in February of 2015.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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