Better Call Saul Just Got Its Own Hilarious Official Song

Better Call Saul hasn’t premiered on AMC, yet, but the network is busy unveiling plenty of related information and promos. On Sunday, AMC released the highly anticipated “The Song” for Better Call Saul. Country music artist Junior Brown is behind the performance, but if you listen to the lyrics carefully, you may get some hints as to what everybody’s favorite lawyer might be up to during Season 1. Check out the video, below.

The lyrics feature predicaments Saul Goodman aka Jimmy McGill can help clients with. Most of the cases mentioned are trivial. Think drunk driving, spray painting on overpasses and, hilariously, stuffing a George Foreman grill down the back of your pants. Still, a few of them hint at more sinister crimes. The fourth verse focuses on a husband who “conveniently” disappears. The fifth verse is about arson at a business. The last verse talks about kidnapping and child endangerment. If you can’t listen to the song right now, here’s a look at a few of the lyrics:

“FBI finds some kids trapped in your creepy van.You stay real cool and tell ‘em you’re the ice cream man.But all their crying just gave you away.Who you gonna call to skip a prison stay?”

The song could simply be a jocular way of getting superfans of the Goodman character invested in the upcoming series. The marketing for the show has been pretty excellent thus far, although actual plot details have been kept pretty well under wraps.

The thing is the lyrics were written by Better Call Saul creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. There’s a chance that the lyrics could potentially correspond with actual cases in the series, and even if they don’t, they give us an idea of what we can expect from the character. Additionally, we do definitely get new footage of Saul during the video. Part of an infomercial plays on a small TV, and we get small snippets of Saul’s exuberant personality, with Bob Odenkirk making wild hand gestures, nods of conviction and even cringes under his billboard.

Better call saul image

This is the Saul Goodman we know and love from Breaking Bad, but it still makes me interested in how Goodman became Saul Goodman, and how a small time lawyer has dreams to move up in the world. We may only have wild facial expressions and a few snippets of conversation to go by at this point, but it’s enough to make Better Call Saul look like one hell of a ride.

AMC’s new drama isn’t expected to premiere until February of 2015, and it’s very likely the show will begin throwing out more substantial footage over the next few months. Although I’m quite certain none of them will be nearly as catchy as Brown’s big song.

Jessica Rawden
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