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It was a big television weekend for Beyoncé, who booked an interview with Oprah herself on the popular OWN program Oprah’s Next Chapter. Later on Saturday night, the pop singer’s directorial debut, Beyoncé: Life Is But A Dream aired on HBO. Both programs did decently, but which won the wider audience on Saturday night?

With all the hype surrounding Beyoncé’s documentary, my money would have been on Life Is But A Dream to pull through with the ratings win, and THR is reporting that it did beat out the numbers for Oprah's Next Chapter. Airing at 9 p.m. ET, Life Is But A Dream pulled in 1.8 million total viewers during its first run, which makes the program HBO’s most watched documentary in almost a decade.

The special episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter actually aired an hour prior to HBO’s documentary at 8 p.m. That program averaged around a little over 1.3 million total viewers during its timeslot.

While neither of these numbers is anything to write home about when compared to efforts on a good percentage of other cable or network stations, we should certainly take the Saturday night timeslot into consideration. There's a lack of viewers across the board and given that, both programs did well comparatively. That being said, it's still a little sad that Oprah’s big interviews aren’t even pulling in a fraction of the numbers they regularly generated during the peak of her talk show fame.

Here's to hoping fans get a little more time to catch their breath between Beyonce's next television appearances.