Beyonce’s documentary is coming together pretty quickly. Last week, it was announced the “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” singer had partnered with HBO to put together a documentary intermixing her personal life with her professional life. Not only is Beyonce putting herself under the microscope, she will also be directing the endeavor, which gives the as-yet untitled piece a little extra personal appeal. Likely, this also means fans will only get the portions of Beyonce’s life the singer sees fit, but I guess we have to take the good with the bad. Now, HBO has released the first trailer for the special, which the subscription cable channel is calling “raw” and “revealing.”

Formerly, we noted the documentary would make use of some of Beyonce’s concert and tour footage, but also some personal footage captured on the celebrity’s laptop. The first preview for the special shows a lot of up close and personal shots and shaky home shot footage. It’s certainly not going to be groundbreaking filmmaking, and now I’m just hoping it won’t be vomit-inducing (obviously, I don’t do well with the shaky camera stuff). Still, viewers will get to take a look at all things Beyonce, including time with Jay-Z and her recent pregnancy.

The personal aspect of the documentary should be a bonus for fans. Unfortunately, audiences have a while to wait until the untitled endeavor comes together—it won’t hit HBO until February 16, 2013. In the interim, we’ll keep you posted when Beyonce’s first jump into the director’s chair gets an official title.

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