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From lame Saboteur twists, secret and not-so-secret showmances, fights, laughs and zingbots, it's been a long summer for the Big Brother housemates and tonight, it all came to a close. I’m not going to repeat myself (much) and go on a tirade about the dullness of this season of Big Brother 12. On an individual level, the cast was great and mostly likable and the Brigade was a strong alliance in that they achieved what they set out to (minus Matt), so they get credit for that. But if tonight’s finale did anything, it made realize what a different kind of season it might have been if one alliance hadn’t managed to plow through the house and eliminate the drama person by person.

Imagine if Annie, Andrew, Matt, Britney, Ragan and Rachel were the Final Six. I’m not saying they were the most deserving to win. If they were, they would have made it further in the game but, they were the most entertaining and the most aggressive socially and competitively. That was probably their undoing, each for varying reasons, but this could have been a much more exciting season if not for the Brigade. With that said, kudos to Matt, Enzo, Lane and Hayden for seeing the benefit in numbers early on and locking arms for as long as they could. And I can’t entirely fault Enzo, Lane and Hayden for turning on Matt when they did. I think Matt might have been one or two steps away from turning on them and they all sort of knew it.

The finale consisted of the usual filler as the bloated, two-hour episode revisited some of the highs and lows of the season. We watched as the houseguests saw some of the highlights of Hayden and Kristen’s brief showmance. Rachel shrugged off learning that Monet was calling her a hooker behind her back. And no one guessed that Ragan was the second saboteur.

Before all of this, Hayden and Lane faced off in the final HoH competition, which, as always, had the final two guessing the end of a sentence said by each of the jury members. It went to a tie as both guys answered every question the same, right or wrong. They’ve clearly been spending too much time together. Hayden won the tie-breaker and decided on the spot to take Lane to the end.

I would have thought that Hayden would have figured Enzo to be the easier houseguest to beat due to his weak showing in competitions but he decided to take Lane to the end. Given how Lane awkwardly handled the juror questions, Hayden was on fairly solid ground in the end and fortunately for him, Enzo wasn’t one to hold a grudge as he turned out to be the deciding vote on the jury. Hayden won Season 12 of Big Brother by a vote of four to three.

After Hayden exited the BB house victoriously, Britney was awarded the America’s Choice prize, which I think is well deserved given the entertainment value she provided the season and how far she went in the game.

And that concludes Season 12 of Big Brother. Whether this was one of your favorite seasons or not, if you were hoping BB would return next year there’s good news as CBS announced today that Season 13 will air in Summer 2011.

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