The house is a virtual web of alliances, some real, some not-so-solid, some obvious, and some super-secret. So beyond having a pretty good idea of who the first evictee would be tonight, it wasn't easy to predict what would happen leading into the second eviction. Between the Head of Household competition and the Veto, even with only a handful of houseguests left, there were just too many possible scenarios.

Going into tonight's episode, having spent more time watching the feeds than I care to admit, I would've said that Danielle was the most safe tonight. I don't think there's a person in the house that had her on their hit-list. Never mind that her alliance with Shane is the most obvious twosome in the house. You'd think people would want to break that up. But so far, there hasn't been much immediate concern about it. It's as though splitting that alliance is on a distant to-do list for the other houseguests. They'll get to it when they can… like at the finale, maybe. In the end, Danielle ended up in a very unsafe spot tonight. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

With all the secret alliances and stealthy dealings, it would be easy for someone to slip-up. Two people had that issue this week. Dan made a comment earlier in the week that led Frank to believe he might not be so safe. And that's because he wasn't safe. But the house was keeping that fact from Frank as best as possible, including Dan, who has taken a much more cutthroat approach to getting from week to week this season. He'll be nice, make an alliance and a Fnal 2 or 3 deal with a houseguest, then participate in (or outright orchestrate) that person's eviction. Such was the case for Frank. He took a chance on Dan, and in the end, it backfired. Granted, I don't think he would've been in a much better place had Britney stayed and Dan gone last week, but still...

As for the other slip-up, Joe's was a lot more awkward. Dan came to talk to him at night, trying to press him for details on who he'd put up if he won Head of Household. Joe lied to him and said Danielle and Shane. Dan left and then returned a little while later. Joe thought he was Shane and made a comment about Dan coming in and grilling him for information. Dan seemed genuinely confused at first, then realized what happened and told Joe he was Dan. Awkward. Of course, Dan had a laugh about it (right in front of Joe). But now he knows that not only is Joe not on his side, he's also a blabbermouth.

Dan voting to evict Frank, despite knowing that Joe is gunning for him was an interesting choice. But I guess it comes down to who's easier to get out of the house. Frank has managed to survive numerous nominations.

Frank was evicted by a vote of 3-1, with Jenn being the sole vote to keep him. And she was the only one he hugged on the way out the door. I don't think Frank played a good social game, and with numerous Head of Household wins (and a couple Vetos), he had plenty of opportunities to forge solid alliances and use his power to leverage some security in the house, but he really didn't - not with the right people, anyway. And I don't think his bond with Boogie helped him much in the long-term game. It makes me wonder what kind of season he would have had if Mike wasn't in the house. We'll never know. But Frank was a fierce competitor, and he had a likable personality. I'll be very interested to see how he votes in the finale.

The Head of Household competition had the houseguests answering questions about what the evicted houseguests said during their pre-vote speech. Joe and Shane didn't do well at all with this one, and it came down to a three-way tie between Jenn, Dan and Danielle, all of whom got five questions right. Dan won the tie-breaker and the express-HoH position.

He nominated Joe and Ian. A smart move, assuming he had a moment to pull Ian aside and convince him that putting him on the block would help further conceal their alliance, and assure him that the Quack Pack alliance would keep him safe. Of course, there would have been a problem if Joe had won the Veto, and for a minute, it looked like he was going to do it. The shark-maze Veto was unnerving, and the Jaws-like music didn't help. Joe made it to the half-way point before the rest of the houseguests, but Ian soon caught up and then moved ahead, freeing his shark first and winning the Veto.

Once again, Dan was faced with a major decision. We saw some scrambling before the Veto ceremony, and Julie had to order the houseguests into the living room (including a humorous "Don't make me come in there" threat). Danielle was put up in his place. Once again, Dan puts a close ally on the block. But at this point, who isn't a close ally? In truth, if I had to pick the houseguests Dan seems least allied with, I'd say Shane. Of everyone left (aside from Joe), I don't think I've seen those two talk much one-on-one. Maybe that's why he didn't put Shane up. People don't need much of an excuse to nominate people these days. Why give Shane one? Now it's just a matter of hoping that Danielle and Ian will be cool with Dan's decision. I'm sure he felt almost certain both would be safe, but there's a fine line between almost and safe. If they're able to get over it, at the very least, it presents some perceived distance between Dan and Ian and Dan and Danielle.

Joe was evicted 3-0. (Jenn got to vote to evict Joe twice tonight.)

In the end both of the nominees going into tonight's episode left the house. How often does that actually happen? At least Joe had packed, right? Joe played a floater's game, which isn't the worst way to play if you're a person that can't win competitions. I always thought he had good instincts. He just didn't lock himself firmly enough into any alliance, and this week, the only thing he had going for him was that the rest of the house wanted Frank out more than him. But his time ran out with that second eviction.

And that wraps it up. It'll be interesting to see what happens next week. Will the Quack Pack target Jenn (assuming she doesn't win HoH)? Or will the turn on each other in this last dash to Final 4?

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