Big Brother 14 Winner Ian Maps Out His Pre-Game Strategy On The Talk

The final three houseguests spent 75 days in the Big Brother house and were finally let out this week after the grand finale, which crowned 21-year-old Ian Terry the winner. Ian was on the CBS talk show The Talk yesterday, to sit with the ladies there and his fellow Final-3 housemates to talk about his win. During the segment, he showed viewers the strategy he went in with, some of which he actually managed to carry through.

Those who watched Big Brother this season know that Ian was very enthusiastic about the (unfortunately named) Quack Pack alliance. And his loyalty to that alliance may have been a key ingredient to getting him to the end, despite the fact that some of his alliance members weren't quite as devoted to it as he was. Still, a half-million dollars richer, Ian can look back on it as part of his victory regardless. And during yesterday's episode of The Talk, Julie presented Ian with a blown up version of a strategy he had mapped out prior to entering the Big Brother house. It looks like he had intended on forming an alliance that comes remarkably close to the one he had.

To be fair, this seems a bit more like a coincidence than planning on Ian's part, as he was brought in on a pre-formed alliance that just happened to have four people who loosely fit the descriptions Ian had included. Dan might have been the oldest of the group, but at 29, he's hardly the "old guy." That said, Ian had a good mind for understanding how the game worked and it benefited him.

I'm still not convinced the jury made the right call, but I get into that more here. In the meantime, it's good to see Ian having fun with his victory.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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