The Big Brother houseguests are in for a surprise after this Thursday night's eviction. They've suspected that someone might come back into the house, based on the comment Julie made during the live show a couple of weeks ago. But they don't know for sure that it's happening soon. Whoever is evicted this Thursday night will have a chance to come back in, as will the three most recently evicted houseguests (Judd, Candice and Jessie). That should make for an interesting twist, especially if this week's evictee's the one that comes back. And that brings us to the latest updates from the live feeds. Spoilers if you don't want to know who won the Veto and whether or not it was used!

Sunday night's episode revealed that Aaryn put Elissa and Helen up on the block. The fast version of this update is that Elissa won the Veto, used it to save herself and Spencer was put up in her place. Helen will probably go home - at least, that's the way the house is leaning now. But there's more. So much more!

First, I love that Sunday's episode showed Elissa's overall indifference toward this whole Big Brother experience, because her "I don't need this" attitude is something that's been rubbing me the wrong way all season. Yes, she misses her family and I get that, but she signed up for this, and it's an experience and opportunity that a lot of people would've been all too happy to take in her place. From a game standpoint, I have zero respect for a houseguest who threatens to walk if they get evicted. And I don't blame Helen one bit for being outraged that Elissa would say such a thing, as she knows Elissa would be a vote for her in the jury if she were to get to the end. Hopefully Elissa doesn't follow through with her threats, especially considering there's a good chance Helen's gone this week.

Moving on to that, the Veto competition was the OTEV comp, and Elissa won. Naturally, she saved herself, and it was looking like Spencer would go up. But there was some chatter the night before the Veto ceremony about maybe backdooring Amanda. This came after Aaryn and Amanda had some tension. I'm not even entirely sure over what. I did see them bickering about the bottle of wine Jeremy swiped all those weeks back. Why they think it's a good idea to rehash past friction, I don't know, but either way, I can see why Aaryn might get irritated with Amanda, who has no problem calling people out. Speaking of which, I didn't see this, but it's been referenced on the feeds more than once: it sounds like Amanda called someone out before the Veto ceremony. Possibly Helen for campaigning to get her put on the block to replace Elissa. Possibly Aaryn for considering it. Either way, whatever was said sounds like bad timing on Amanda's part, and she has some damage control if she wants to patch things up with her alliance (particularly the 3:00 a.m. Alliance) before things implode on Thursday night, assuming that's when the mystery contestant returns.

I've seen some arguments that Aaryn should have put Amanda up against Helen, but I don't see how that could have benefited Aaryn in the game right now. Yes, Amanda's a huge threat. But Aaryn's already started down the path of getting Helen out and trying to go back on that now would only hurt her game. And getting Helen out makes more sense than targeting Amanda right now. As it stands, Elissa already doesn't like Aaryn. So weakening Elissa by evicting Helen is Aaryn's best play. If she targets Amanda and actually gets her out, not only has she eliminated one person in her alliance, but she's lost the trust of McCrae. Getting rid of Helen removes a big influence in the house with minimal backlash. Sure, Elissa might come after her, but if Elissa got HoH, she was probably always going to put Aaryn on the block. From what I've seen, Aaryn's actually doing what makes the most sense for her right now.

Helen seems somewhat aware that she's going home this week, but she's not so convinced that she's not doing her best to campaign for votes. And to do that, she needs to campaign against Amanda. The fact that she realizes this even though she's technically up against Spencer, is what makes Helen a better player than others. But I don't think it'll save her. And I can't say I'll be hugely disappointed if Helen goes. She's played a good game, but not a perfect one, and it hasn't been a very entertaining one, on the feeds or in the episodes. But it will be interesting if she goes and comes right back into the house.

It's at this point that I'd normally complain about Amanda still moping around and feeling sorry for herself, but I've been through this before. This is not to condone everything she's said/done in the Big Brother house - in response to the negative comments I received from people after my last rant, I'm less interested in passing judgment on her character as I am on commenting on how she plays the game and whether or not she's fun to watch from a game standpoint - but I'd appreciate her game much more if I felt like she did. Instead, she seems to want sympathy for not winning competitions or for being targeted and that takes all of the fun out of her game.

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