Whether or not we have good news about Big Brother all depends on if you want Nicole to stay tonight or Donny. If you're a fan of both, then I guess there's no getting around this being bad news, especially if you saw last night's episode. One of them will be evicted tonight and the Live Feeds have given us a pretty strong indication of who.

By strong, we mean somewhere in the vicinity of 99% certain, with the 1% existing purely in the case of a miracle. And miracles have been known to happen in the Big Brother house. Games have been turned around in the hours leading up to the live show, so who knows? If you don't want to know who's probably being sent out the door tonight, read no further because live feed spoilers ahead!

We reported the other day that Nicole's chances of surviving the week were looking pretty grim, and on the down side, that situation hasn't really changed, with the exception of the fact that she has been campaigning. She didn't simply give up after the Veto ceremony, nor did she seem too thrown off by Frankie Grande's big reveal to be afraid to work against him as she campaigned. In fact, "I'm targeting Frankie" was part of her big pitch to the likes of Christine, Derrick and Cody. She seemed to have Victoria's support going into all of this, and it sounds like at one point she was working on Zach, though she said to others that she'd be willing to target Zach and Frankie.

Nicole was grasping at straws though, and though there were times in her conversations that it seemed like she was getting through to people -- especially when she was pointing out to Cody and Christine that Donnie would be targeting them, while she would have their backs if she stayed -- I'm not sure anyone, except for maybe Zach for a little while, was seriously considering keeping her.

As for why they're so determined to get Nicole out, that varies. In the case of Derrick, I just don't think Nicole factors into his end game. He has things going his way, and I'm under the impression she's just not a part of his game anymore. But he's being nice to her about it and has assured her they won't blindside her. Meaning, she'll know if she's going home, which she pretty much does. Cody should want to keep Nicole, if what she says is true about Donny targeting him. Plus, Cody and Nicole have a very friendly relationship. So, why Cody wants Nicole to go, I don't know, other than he that he may be too misted by Derrick to realize it might not be in his best interest to send Nicole out the door.

Christine should also want to keep Nicole. Christine shouldn't have put Nicole up in the first place. Nicole is one of the few people outside of her alliance that would have probably stayed loyal to her, which could've proven crucial to Christine's game if/when the Detonators alliance finally collapses. Christine is really familiar with the game, so I'm honestly not sure why she's been so careless with Nicole's friendship, or why she thinks doing what the guys want her to do is in her personal best interest.

Frankie wants Nicole out and that makes sense. The two may have cleared the air about the tension between them, but Frankie still seems eager to see Nicole sent packing. In fact, the other day, he and Caleb were talking about how Nicole hadn't approached either of them to campaign, and it seemed like Frankie was hoping she would just so he could have fun with it. To my knowledge, she hasn't. I think Nicole knows it's a lost cause and doesn't want to look foolish trying to persuade Frankie, or give him the opportunity to give her false hope just for fun.

It actually would be kind of awesome if Frankie or Christine were to secure the votes to keep Nicole and then form a new alliance against Derrick and Cody. If he were to get Zach, Victoria and Caleb on board, they wouldn't even need Christine as the tiebreaker. It would be kind of like the Exterminators 2.0. Except that Frankie and Christine seem too confident with his own alliance to even consider creating a new one to take out Derrick. Which is what everyone should be trying to do.

So, as of last night, Nicole is probably going. Donny will stand and if he doesn't win Head of Household on tonight, he'll be the obvious target. If he does win HoH, I'll be very curious to see if anyone tries to get in his ear, and if so, how the nominees play out. And hopefully we'll get more information on how the returning houseguest situation is going to go. Will it be America's vote or will there be a competition like last season?

Tonight's episode will include the next eviction, a Head of Household competition, and we should be getting to see what Christine, Caleb and Frankie got to do when they left the house for that football excursion.

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