Last night's episode of Big Brother revealed that the game is in full swing this season, with one conversation after the next, flips and twists and --coming soon-- a big reveal. Those who've been keeping up with the feeds know who won the Veto. The Veto Ceremony took place today and we now know whether or not it was used.

Live Feed Spoilers ahead!

As we summarized in our last live feed spoiler post, Zach won the Power of Veto, and since he's on the block, the obvious prediction was that he'd use it on himself. The question was, who would Christine put up in his place. It was looking like she was going to keep her word to Nicole, but then last night, after the Detonators rallied and talked to her, she flipped her decision and decided to put Nicole up. She also decided not to give Nicole any warning about this.

The way the Caleb, Derrick and Cody were able to get Christine to do their dirty work in nominating Nicole was by telling her that Nicole said she was planning to backdoor Christine if she remained Head of Household. Since the Veto ceremony took place, Nicole and Christine talked and Nicole admitted she did essentially say she would backdoor her if she could, but that her back was against the wall at the time and she never intended to do it. Christine said she didn't tell her she was nominating her because she was told if she did that she would be evicted next week. I don't think that's true. At least, I never heard that part of the conversation, and I can't imagine anyone would have threatened Christine pre-Veto ceremony when she would've had the power to put up Cody or Derrick.

Christine has been really apologetic toward Nicole and acting like she believes her, but I don't even know if she's just playing that up to relieve the awkwardness or if she's actually realizing she might have been manipulated. The very fact that her alliance came to her with that information the night before the Veto ceremony and not oh, I don't know, days ago when Nicole said what she did should have been a major red flag for her, but guess not.

I don't know if Christine knows she's lower on the Detonators totem pole than most of the members, but that's the impression I get from other conversations that have happened. I could be wrong in terms of people's individual priorities, but as a group, it seems like the guys are fine to cut her loose the first chance they get. Frankie could go first. It probably depends on how things go down. I think they'd be willing to keep Victoria around to at least Final 4 if it means using her for a vote and not having to worry about her winning anything.

I don't know why Christine couldn't have at least clued Nicole in of what was happening. We saw Nicole being really anxious about the situation before the Veto Ceremony. I think she was picking up on how people were acting around her and knew something was up. After the ceremony, Christine celebrated with her alliance, and talked about how she loves Nicole as a person but she had to do what she had to do. And Nicole went outside to pace the yard with Donny. He offered her some kind words of support about the situation and advice as someone who's been nominated enough times to know how she feels. And the two of them are on the block together, so there's that.

Right now, it seems like Nicole will go on Thursday night, and I don't think the houseguests are all too worried that there's a chance she could come back into the house. But it's also possible that some people will flip or at the very least, force a tie on eviction night to force Christine to have to evict her (supposed) friend. It's not a terrible idea if it throws some shade off the alliance and makes Christine look like the villain in Nicole's eyes. That's how you handle a jury, and I really wouldn't put it past Derrick to arrange it. If he convinces the other guys to go along with it, then Christine is the only one who would get burned by it and with so few players left in the game, she may be next week's target anyway. She won't be able to play HoH after all. Then again, if a tie is forced, maybe Christine would realize what happened and vote to evict Donny. This is obviously all just speculation. And so much can happen between now and Thursday night that it may not be worth obsessing over votes and numbers just yet.

In other news, we mentioned the other day that Frankie was mad at Nicole for saying something about Victoria being in his pocket after the Ariana Grande reveal happened. Frankie confronted Nicole about it -- this was before the Veto ceremony -- and she told him she heard that he said he had Victoria in his pocket now that she knows who he is, and she repeated that information to Victoria because she thinks it was a horrible thing for him to say. She was unapologetic about it and essentially walked away from the conversation after that. Nicole doesn't seem to be pro-Frankie at all even after the reveal, but she does seem to be worried that America will hate her for it.

We'll get to see Frankie's big reveal during Wednesday night's Big Brother episode. I'll be curious to see people's diary room reactions to that news. And then we're left to see either Donny or Nicole get sent packing on Thursday night.

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