Double eviction night! This is the kind of summer anx-citedness I look forward to! But I have to admit, tonight's episode didn't play out as I'd hoped. With a blindside during the first eviction, it would've been great to see that turn around and bite someone in the second. Alas, that wasn't the case. Spoilers from tonight's live episode of Big Brother ahead!

Here's how the events went down tonight:

Jocasta was evicted. Donny and Hayden were the only two who didn't know the house flipped in favor of Zach, so they were the only votes to evict Zach.

Caleb won the next Head of Household - a before/after questions game.

Caleb nominated Donny and Hayden.

Donny won the Veto - the classic double-eviction ball pit competition.

Donny used the Veto to save himself. Caleb put Nicole up.

Both Hayden and Nicole spotlighted Frankie and Christine for their deceit in their pre-vote speeches.

Everyone except for Cody and Donny voted to evict Hayden.

Hayden was evicted.

Both Jocasta and Hayden will be going to the Jury house. But Julie more than hinted that the game may not be over for them, so we may be looking at another major America's vote sometime soon, possibly after next Thursday's eviction, once there are three houseguests to choose from.

As we noted in our live feed spoiler report, the tides turned last night as the detonators compared notes and all decided it was a bad idea to get Zach out. And in terms of their alliance, that wasn't such a bad move, changing their minds, as Zach's a number in their favor and not targeting any of them - yet. But they decided not to tell Nicole, Hayden and Donny about the change, instead pointing the blame at the almost-#ZachAttack at them.

I want to see Zach's diary rooms on this, because I'm really curious to see how he's interpreting the fact that his own alliance was on the verge of evicting him. Is he going to blindly believe Nicole, Hayden and Donny were the sole masterminds behind the plan to evict him? Or is he going to consider that maybe Frankie's not planning on taking him to the end.

Moving on to the second half of the episode, I want to be up front that I don't care that much about showmances, so my disappointment at how the second half of tonight's went down is less about being sad that these two love cuddle-birds have been torn apart by the game as I am that the Detonators ganged up on them the way they did. I know that's the game. Big Brother is, at its core, a game of ganging up on people and pushing them out the door. And I can't fault the Detonators for holding to their numbers. But I wanted to see Hayden and Nicole (and Donny) come back from this and take on the Detonators, possibly with the help of Cody and Derrick. I don't think they threw any shade on either of them during tonight's episode.

Zach staying is good and bad. His social game is kind of a mess, which I'd only credit him for if he somehow manages to get to the end. But on the other side, his eviction-speech poem and all-around willingness to say whatever, live TV or not, makes him good TV. And it might be too early in the season to lose someone like that.

As disappointed as I am that Hayden went tonight, I'd like to see this game-drama force major cracks into the Detonators alliance, rather than all of the blame of Zach's almost-eviction fall onto Nicole and Donny. It would be interesting to see where people land if the big alliance were to fracture. And with so few non-Detonators left in the game, that could happen as soon as this week.

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