Spoilers from Thursday night's episode of Big Brother ahead!

As much as I've been enjoying this season of Big Brother, Caleb's comments about/toward Amber have rubbed me the wrong way, and that applies to what we've seen of the situation this week. Admittedly, Comic-Con put me behind on the feeds, which means I was relying on the episodes over the past week, so it's possible he's just getting a really bad edit. And it's hard to make sense of the flip-flopping he's been doing when it comes to the object of his affection. But from what the episodes revealed, it seems like Caleb thought that by putting Amber in danger of eviction, she'd look to him for support, and that just rubs me the wrong way. So I'm kind of glad this arc came to an end tonight, even if it meant Amber had to be evicted.

Amber was evicted by a unanimous vote tonight. At some point, it seemed like her eviction might have been a blindside for both Amber and Caleb, but it looks like Beast-mode Cowboy Caleb was made aware of the plan for Amber to go and eventually consented to it. That seemed to stem from Caleb learning that Amber was planning on targeting Caleb.

Caleb muttered something about biting the hand that fed her during tonight's episode after Amber went out the door. I think it's Caleb believing that Amber owed him something because he's done things for her in the game that bothers me. It didn't seem like Amber was encouraging his advancements or his efforts to help her within the game. If anything, that kind of attention might have hurt her game more than it helped it. Not watching the feeds this past week, I'm still not entirely clear on why the houseguests targeted Amber, other than that they though she was trying to form an all-girls alliance with what's left of the female population within the house. Was she really that much of a threat? Or was this week just a good opportunity to get her out.

Caleb winning Head of Household tonight would make things really interesting. In fact, Caleb playing without obsessing over Amber would be interesting to witness... assuming he focuses on his game now that she's out of the house. He might decide to wear Amber's bunny slippers as a tribute to her, much in the way GinaMarie kept Nick's memory alive in the game by wearing his hat. Come to think of it, maybe that's not a bad strategy. GinaMarie did make it to the Final 2 after all...

Team America opted not to do this week's challenge, which was to vote against the house and then openly blame two houseguests during tonight's live show. Are they allowed to just not do the task? They didn't even try. What is the point of this Big Brother twist if they only do the tasks that serve their own game.

The edit made it seem like this was mainly Donny's decision, as he felt it would be out of character for him to call someone out. If that's the truth, then it's not a bad reason not to do the task, especially if it draws attention to the Team America situation. With that said, if it's the truth that Frankie and Derrick were on board to carry out the mission and Donny opted not to do it, then Donny should tread carefully. Derrick and Frankie may decide to use that as a reason to target him, deciding that if he's going to cost them money by refusing to participate in the tasks, they're better off cutting him loose.

The Head of Household competition was a true/false competition involving videos the houseguests watched on the memory wall. With nothing else to do but watch the videos, many of the houseguests performed well in the competition. In fact, they performed so well that the competition ran over and left us hanging. Why didn't they do a tie-breaker? I have no idea. That was weird.

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