And the drama continues! Aaryn has had enough clues that her racist remarks haven't gone unnoticed by her fellow houseguests, and yet she keeps finding herself at the center of one of Big Brother's episode segments, and not in a good way. Meanwhile, CBS has started taking steps to warn viewers of controversial views expressed by the show's contestants, which is a first. In last night's episode, it started with the bed situation. From the beginning, there haven't been enough beds for all of the contestants, which has resulted in all of the houseguests sharing beds, including up in the Head of Household room. As the HoH changes each week, and different houseguests are sent to the "Have Not" room where they're forced to sleep on airplane seats, the contestants have repeatedly had to shuffle their bed situation. The clip below reveals the spat that ensued between Candice, Aaryn and GinaMarie after Aaryn thought it would be funny to flip over Candice's mattress. While Candice's race should have nothing to do with this argument, the subject still works its way in.

On its own, flipping over the mattress really seems like little more than bratty behavior on Aaryn's part, but combined with some of the racially insensitive things she has said to Candice and the way she responds to Candice's comments, Aaryn's actions - including rolling her shoulders, snapping her fingers and saying "What you gonna do, girl?" only make her look worse. GinaMarie, who has also said some pretty terrible and racially insensitive things while in the house, added fuel to the fire by getting in Candice's face and asking her if she wants the black to come out. Howard finally had to literally life Candice up and remove her from the situation.

CBS put a disclaimer up before last night's episode, which Deadline relates to the George Zimmerman verdict. The timing for the racism controversy in the Big Brother house certainly seems all the worse when factoring in Zimmerman's acquittal. CBS' pre-episode disclaimer said: Big Brother is a reality show about a group of people who have no privacy 24/7. At times, the Houseguests may reveal prejudices and other beliefs that CBS does not condone. Views or opinions expressed by a Houseguest are those of the individuals speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS. Viewer discretion is advised.”

CBS has also issued a disclaimer over their live feeds:
Big Brother feeds

Going back to last night's episode, you would think Aaryn would have figured out by now that she's looking really bad on television. Last week, Amanda came to her and told her that some of the houseguests weren't happy with some of the things she's been saying, but Aaryn seemed to take that as Amanda's way of trying to draw negative attention on her on the show, essentially accusing Amanda of making her look like a racist . Last night's episode followed up on that as well, showing Amanda's confrontation during one of the bed-related arguments:

"You're f--king racist on this show," Amanda yelled at Aaryn. "Ok? And when you get out of this house, you're going to have a lot of people hating you..."

Amanda was spot on when she said that the show is making Aaryn look like a racist. Of course, she couldn't know for sure that recent episodes have featured Aaryn's insensitivity. The houseguests are cut off from the outside world, and they're not seeing the episodes. But what the above clip doesn't show was that, during this conversation, Amanda also told Aaryn that the diary room has asked everyone in the house to comment on Aaryn's racism, which - if true - would certainly be a big enough clue that the producers were zooming in on it and looking for commentary from the houseguests. So it's not hard to understand how Amanda would know how Aaryn's being perceived. But I wonder if that's what's brought at least some of the houseguest's awareness of Aaryn's comments to the surface. After all, I don't think Howard, Candice or Helen know everything that's been said about them behind their backs, though some of it has been mentioned to them from other houseguests since the topic started to come up.

Last night's episode did also feature an apology from Aaryn to Candice over how she took her recent comments, but I'm still not convinced Aaryn is fully aware of how she's looking or even how bad her comments are, especially when stacked up on top of each other. Either she thinks that denying that she's said anything racist will somehow erase the racist things she's said, or her definition of racism is different from ours. Both are legit possibilities Granted, no one wants to be accused of being a racist, and I don't envy her the backlash she's going to receive when she leaves the house, but at the very least, this experience may prove to be an eye-opening one for her. In the meantime, I hope the apology she made to Candice was sincere enough that Aaryn will be a bit more sensitive.

And in another follow-up, Howard may have opted to turn the other cheek when things were getting heated, but he attempted to exact a bit of game-approved vengeance by trying to throw the Food competition and repeatedly dousing Aaryn with buckets of spoiled milk in the process…

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