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A lot of things can be said about Fox’s approach, or lack thereof, to letting their shows thrive. Luckily, the network has no problem showing Bob’s Burgers its due reverence, and they’ve announced the consistently hilarious comedy will be coming back later this year for Season 6. Someone start cooking up a “Renewed Descending a Spare Rib-Case” burger, ASAP. Served with potato wedges.

Another plus side of Fox’s faith in Loren Bouchard’s madcap family is that they’re no longer skimping when it comes to episode orders. Despite only having 21 episodes in its first two combined seasons, Bob’s Burgers has received over 20 episodes a year since, and there were 22 ordered for Season 6. I’m at a point in my life where I prefer comedy series to adhere to the shorter seasons that cable has me spoiled on, but Bob’s Burgers has proven that we’re still a long way from seeing these writers get stretched thin in their storytelling. When an episode is taken to new heights by a character changing hair colors, as it did when Linda became a blonde in “Tina Tailor Soldier Spy,” then you know you’re cooking with gas.

Here’s an image Fox posted on the Bob’s Burgers website after the news was announced.


Fox took a somewhat bold turn this past fall in adding live comedies into the former Animation Domination lineup, but not even the awesome Brooklyn Nine-Nine can outrank Bob’s Burgers as the best part about Fox’s Sunday night selection. (And, if we’re being honest, almost every networks’ Sunday night lineups.) And regardless of what happens to be surrounding it, the Belcher family is staying steady with the ratings, staying on par with a strong Season 4.

It admittedly isn’t so surprising that Fox ordered another season, as last year was the first time Bob’s Burgers took home the Emmy for Best Animated Program, something it should have won each time it was nominated. As well, it was recently nominated for two Annie Awards, which will be held on Saturday, January 31. If only the Oscars gave out statues for Coolest Louises.

On Sunday, Bob’s Burgers will air the episode “Speakeasy Rider,” in which Tina, Gene and Louise join a go-kart league, and Bob starts selling Teddy’s homemade brewskies on the down low. I think we could all use a celebratory beer.