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There has been a serious lack of Bones over at Fox this season. Due to Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy, Season 7 of the crime procedural was cut down to 17 episodes. Then, because Fox really wanted to promote the Bones spinoff, after one episode in the new year, Bones was cut to make room for The Finder on Thursday nights. Which means fans of the show have only gotten six full episodes of Bones this season, an anomaly that has begun to cause some of us withdrawal symptoms. It hasn’t been pretty.

Luckily, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Bones is set to return on April 5 to finish out the bulk of its Season 7 episodes. According to THR, Fox’s entertainment president Kevin Reilly says Bones might even add a few more episodes to extend the show.
“We programmed 17, but we ordered 22 for the season. We ordered as many as they could produce with Emily, so if they can produce 22 when she comes back, that’s what we’ll make... We ordered, ultimately, it ended up being 17 because that was all she could do. But if she comes back, they may ultimately end up making 22.”

While we always knew Bones would return sometime later in the season, the six episodes we have gotten have felt like a bunch of teasers rather than something concrete. I think the letdown has been so hard to get through because Season 6 of Bones was such a high point for the series, between the sniper plotline, Bones’ preggers announcement, and Vincent Nigel Murray’s ultimate demise. I think it’s safe to say fans are ready to have their quirky crime solving show back.

So, Fox, feel free to start bringing on the midseason previews anytime you would like.

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