Breaking Bad Finale Menu: Pollos Hermanos Chicken, Crystal Blue Cocktails, And Tableside Guacamole

By now you've hopefully either closed all the curtains and turned off your phone or invited everyone you know over to your house, because there's only one way to spend your Sunday night, and it's watching the Breaking Bad finale. Anticipation is at a fever pitch, and anyone at your house will be too busy clutching the couch armrests to eat anything… but if you're hosting a finale viewing party, you've gotta be a good host and feed 'em. And why not be on point with some themed food while you're at it?

Our own Amy Deline is exactly the right kind of Breaking Bad fan-- obsessive, detail-oriented, and a damn fine cook (of food, not meth, you sickos). Over at her blog The Gourmand Mom she's laid out a Breaking Bad-themed party menu, from crystal blue cocktails to Nazi-approved desserts. In fact, she's so committed that she got the cooking started at the very beginning of the day, which happened to be her son's 5th birthday. I bet you can guess how he celebrated it:

Once the kids are in bed and it's time for the viewing party, though, kick things off with the Crystal Blue Cocktail, garnished with an orange twist (an homage to Hank's signature color and also just tasty).

Next it's time for some guacamole, made famous by Garduno's of Albuquerque and the unbearably chipper Trent. They make it right here at the table! Amy served hers with blue tortilla chips-- Walt's signature blue, of course-- and some Funyuns, Jesse Pinkman's favorite food.

Time for the main event, and what else could it be but Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken? Served alongside salsa verde-- classic New Mexico Southwestern food-- and some mashed potatoes made with a potato ricer just like Skyler's, it's probably even better than what you'd get at the Chicken Man's place. Serve inside a Pollos Hermanos fry batter bucket for true authenticity.

Moving on to dessert, sure, you could just toss a pint of Americone Dream to your guests down on the underground cage you've built for them, in an homage to Todd, the World's Most Polite Nazi. But Amy pulled out all the stops and made an Americone Dream pie. If someone can find a way to get this to Jesse inside his Nazi prison, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

For extra effect, you can add a bit of blue rock candy on top for another nod to Walt and Jesse's signature product-- we're sure Stephen Colbert wouldn't mind.

Amy also came up with a few other ideas you're welcome to steal for your own parties, though we're going to double down on her warning to not actually include ricin in your rice and beans sides.

Rooftop Roasted Pizza, just how Walt likes it. – Try any of the pizza recipes in the pizza section of my recipe collection.Green Beans Almondine, like the store-bought ones that so impressed Jesse during his dinner at the White’s.Tuco’s BurritosGus Fring’s Seafood StewHuevos Rancheros or this Huevos Rancheros PizzaRice ‘n’ Beans – Say it again. Rice ‘n’ Beans. Get it? Ricin Beans ** WARNING** DO NOT USE ACTUAL RICIN. It’s poison.

For the full recipes for all of these items click over to Amy's fantastic blog.For more Breaking Bad obsession you can follow all of our coverage here, and check back Sunday night and Monday for tons and tons of coverage of the biggest-- and most delicious?--series conclusion of the year.