Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 15 Preview: A Look At Granite State

Two episodes left! And given how much drama transpired during last night's "Ozymandias", twice as much can happen in two episodes. That's just simple math. What's interesting about last night's episode, as it relates to the next two, is that Jack and his crew have moved to the forefront of the series. They're no longer thugs for hire, but active participants in one of the best worst moments of the season. And considering we haven't seen any villainous opposition to Walt since Gus Fring died, Jack and his neo-nazi pals seem to fit the bill for big bads that need to be knocked down a few pegs before this show ends.

This is not to say that I'm rooting for Walt to win. I think no matter what, he's already lost. Up until last night, he's been able to have his cake and eat it too. He's maintained his marriage and family while also growing bigger and badder in his meth empire. But after "Ozymandias," nothing will ever be the same. Hank is dead. Walt Jr. knows the truth and will never look at his father or think of his father the same way. It's over. But it's not, really, as this story isn't finished.

In the preview, Saul can be heard saying, "If they don't have you, they're going after her." I'm going to guess Saul is referring to the DEA going after Skyler. Walt did a fine job of claiming every shred of blame he could possibly claim in that phone call to Skyler during last night's episode. Not only was he very clear that everything that's gone on was on him, but he also dropped enough threats and menacing words to give Skyler the excuse that she never went to the police because she was terrified for herself and her family. I think that was Walt's way of doing whatever he could to protect Skyler, and maybe even to help her salvage her relationship with Walt Jr. at the expense of his own. Taking Holly seemed to drive the point home, that it's him versus his family, and that he's dangerous enough to steal his own baby to teach Skyler a "lesson." But as Saul can be heard saying, there are two DEA agents missing and presumed Dead. Walt admitted he was involved in that. So it stands to reason that Saul would think the DEA would throw some heat on Skyler if Walt didn't deal with the mess.

Or maybe Saul's talking about Jack going after Skyler for some reason. Jack seemed content to shake with Walt, leave him a barrel and go their separate ways, but maybe he needs Walt for something? Meanwhile, Todd has Jesse tied up still, which is one more loose end that this show needs to… tie up. And we caught a glimpse of Marie looking devastated and dressed in black. On her way to a memorial device, perhaps? We'll find out next Sunday night when the "Granite State" episode airs. The title seems like a nod to New Hampshire, which is probably an indication that we're close to getting caught up with that flash forward. Breaking Bad airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.

In other news, did you happen to notice Walt's pants from the pilot during last night's episode? Hypable shared the screenshot below, which shows Walt rolling his barrel right by his old pants. My how time flies…

Walt pants

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