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There are three people in this world you definitely don’t want to mess around with. One is an on-duty cop, and another is the waitress taking your order, but the worst one of all is Jax Teller. Sure, it might take him a season or two to get his revenge, but once he’s on the warpath, no one is safe. And in case you needed a reminder, above is the latest (and dare I say greatest) trailer for Sons of Anarchy, which is headed into its seventh and final season next month. Which might as well be next century to SAMCRO fans.

While every season of Sons of Anarchy begins with the shit hitting the fan, Season 7 kicks off with the fan just positively drowning in shit. The last time we saw Jax, he was sitting on his kitchen floor clutching Tara’s bloodied and beaten corpse, with Sheriff Roosevelt’s bullet-ridden body lying nearby. Now he’s in prison, naturally, though he presumably doesn’t stay there for long, since he for once wasn’t directly responsible for the corpses in his life. Plus, we don’t even see him in his orange fatigues in the preview (via People). But I wouldn’t imagine things go so well for him during his short prison stint, since he’s wearing duct tape gloves in the image below from EW.


There are targets on both Juice and Gemma’s heads this season, though the former has a far bigger death wish. One has to wonder whether Juice will even try to defend himself, or if he’ll accept his fate like a true brother. (Or maybe he’ll just go screaming into the night.) I wonder the same thing about Gemma, since Jax almost has to find out about her involvement in stabbing Tara with a carving fork while trying to drown her in the kitchen sink. Those details just might be enough to push him past his comfort zone and put a bullet in her.

But then he’d have to deal with Nero, who has already cut some of his ties with Jax. We get to see Nero totally decking Jax in the trailer, but it’s impossible to tell what the context was. Nero is getting closer to Marcus Álvarez, whose mustached mug also shows up here, and that can't be good for SAMCRO.

Those plots aside, this trailer is still full of non sequitur gunshots and corpses, and what about that huge explosion? It looks like Happy and Chibs are on the receiving end of some shrapnel, but I refuse to consider the fact that either one of them will be dying this season. I may just have to Twitter picket (twicket?) show creator Kurt Sutter if that happens.

Get ready for the most explosive season of TV when Sons of Anarchy returns to FX on Tuesday, September 9 for a 90-minute premiere.

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