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A prank caller left both New Hampshire Republican Chairman Wayne MacDonald and his C-Span hosts at a loss for words when he called in to ask a very big question about former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Surely he can’t be the only one who is curious.

Fishbowl DC has the uncensored footage of a man claiming to be from Portsmouth and calling himself Dan putting in a question to MacDonald and then leading into something rather unexpected. The conversation started off pretty clean, but got dirty in a hurry when “Dan” asked MacDonald the question that’s been on everyone’s – ok, maybe a few people’s – minds. Does Mitt Romney have a big penis?

The hosts do their best to save the moment while MacDonald pretends he didn’t quite hear the caller right. If only we could have seen the behind the scenes flurry this must have created.

Since earlier today the 2 Broke Girls creator was blasted for use of the word “vagina” it seems doubly amusing that the word “penis” should pop up on C-Span. If this is the kind of caller C-Span is bringing in, perhaps like the Super Bowl it should air on a delay. Someone call the FCC. On the other hand, if this is a trend, I might actually start to find politics much more amusing.

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