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With game show lynchpins The Price is Right and Let’s Make A Deal both airing on CBS, it seems as if the network would be a hot bed for game shows. It’s not. CBS has its act together too much to usually fill primetime evening space with mind-numbing game fodder, which is why it is surprising to hear the network has a pilot order for Identity Crisis, a show that tests contestants knowledge of famous people.

Identity Crisis is based on the Out & About Productions board game of the same name. In the show, teams of two must compete together to identify famous people from various categories of culture including history, sports, pop culture, and literature. Kind of unfairly, fictional characters will count.

The program will be executive produced by famous un-couple Courteney Cox and David Arquette. According to THR the similarly famous name in talks for the pilot is Craig Ferguson. The Late Late Show host is close to signing on to host Identity Crisis, as well as executive produce. No word yet on whether his favorite robot will co-host, but even if Ferguson doesn't bring along any of his standard Late Late bits, it's a good bet his zany personality and goofy charm will be out in full force.