CNN Accidentally Shows A Clip Of Jeff Daniels With Incredible Diarrhea

Back in 1995 Jeff Daniels hosted Saturday Night Live. In one of the skits, entitled Film Beat (you can read the transcript here), Chris Elliot played a a television host interviewing Daniels about his illustrious film career in movies like Speed and Terms of Endearment. In lieu of showing actual clips from these films, however, they instead showed the one scene in Dumb and Dumber where Jeff Daniels has been poisoned with laxatives by Jim Carrey and has an epic bout of diarrhea. As funny as the skit was, it doesn't hold a candle to a blooper made by CNN recently.

Uploaded by user joegerarden, the video starts off fairly typical, with CNN reporting on a situation in London that has allowed universities to start charging students more for tuition. After about 17 seconds of reporting, however, things go quiet and then, without reason, they show the scene mentioned above - and it's absolutely hysterical. Following the clip, the anchor even goes as far as to say, "We didn't just put that on TV did we?" It's unknown why CNN even had the video in question, but it certainly makes for one of the best on-air bloopers that I've seen in a long time.

Check it out below.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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