Charlie's Angels Review: ABC Brings The Angels Back In A Fun, Action-Filled Series

ABC brings Charlie’s Angels back tonight, reviving the series and offering plenty of team spirit and girl power to go around. Starring Rachael Taylor, Annie Ilonzeh, and Minka Kelly, the drama is a fun, glamorous, action-filled take on the original series and films.

My memory of the original series is vague, at best, and I’m of the opinion that the films are best left forgotten (at least, Full Throttle is, anyway). ABC’s Charlie’s Angels, which is written and executive-produced by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar, isn’t trying to reinvent the story, from what I can tell. From the beginning, we learn that Charlie is the faceless man giving the orders, while his “Angels,” three women with criminal pasts, attempt to redeem themselves by using their skills and hotness for good, instead of personal gain. Although, to be fair, judging by their clothes and living quarters, it doesn’t look like they’re doing so bad for themselves working as Angels. Still, there’s a theme of redemption and the opportunity to live better lives, which works to create some depth for each of the Angels.

Abby Sampson (Taylor) is the rich girl who went on to become a thief before Charlie took her in and rehabilitated her. Kate Prince (Ilonzeh) was a crooked cop in her previous life. Meanwhile, Gloria was a disgraced army lieutenant, but there’s no sense getting attached to her. She’s the angel whose sudden departure makes room for Minka Kelly’s character Eve. Eve’s connection to Gloria brings her into the group as Kate and Abby work to track down and detain a villain from Eve and Gloria’s past.

Finally, there’s Bosley, played by Ramon Rodriguez. His charm and computer skills justify his presence within the dynamic.

The pilot episode treads on corny territory, with lines like, “We’re angels, not saints,” but the show is most definitely meant to be fun, leaving some room for humor, but focusing mainly on action, drama and the determination of the angels to accomplish their objectives. Their contrasting personalities compliment each other more than they clash, which creates a nice working dynamic between the trio as Abby and Kate bring Eve into the fold. And, if you're a fan of women with fighting skills, there's a little of that to go around as well.

Much like the films, ABC’s new take on the series captures the spirit of the original nicely, accentuating the strength and femininity of the Angels and creating some exciting scenarios to put them in. The Miami backdrop serves to add an extra dose of beauty and glamor to this already beautiful and glamorous cast. Between the weekly assignments, and the interactions between the Angels, Bosley and Charlie, there’s enough to work with to give the series plenty of opportunity to develop the plot and the characters, should the show stick around.

Charlie’s Angels premieres tonight (Thursday, September 22nd) at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

Kelly West
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