Check Out The Complete List Of South Park's Celebrity Mocking

South Park is practically synonymous with celebrity mocking. Well, that and poop jokes. But until today, I wasn’t aware of just how many celebrities have been given the South Park treatment. From Pope Benedict to Oprah Winfrey, Comedy Central’s flagship animated series has taken a shot at hundreds of famous people. And now, we have a comprehensive list of them.

Thanks to the people at Vulture, we can now enjoy the enormous time-suck of reading over an alphabetically-ordered list of every celebrity South Park has ever made fun of, even briefly. Some stars earned only a one-liner in passing while others were lampooned throughout an entire episode. In some episodes, entire groups of celebrities were hit all at once. Thanks to this list, I’m pulling out a few of my favorite South Park celebrity spoofs.

Tom Cruise, Scientology, and South Park. It’s a match made in heaven. Sure, he’s an easy target, but only South Park could pull off “Tom Cruise is a fudge packer”.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. You can’t help but make fun of “Bennifer”, and who doesn’t love the song Taco Flavored Kisses? So catchy, so offensive, so Cartman’s hand.

Morgan Freeman and poop jokes; that’s just classic South Park.

Honorable mentions: Michael Jackson, most of the stars of Food Network, and Metallica who were just too easy to skewer for greed. What are your favorite South Park celebrity slams?

Read Vulture's full list of celebrities mocked in South Park here.