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Of all the newly announced Fall shows, NBC's The Playboy Club seems to be generating a ton of hype. The prospect of Amber Heard in a skimpy bunny outfit accounts for some of that, but since this is network television anyone hoping for pay-cable levels of titillation are sure to be disappointed (this is known as the "Swingtown effect"). At best, we can hope for some Mad Men-style period antics and writing solid enough to keep viewers coming back once the novelty (and the cleavage) has worn off.

We've previously posted several clips from the Playboy Club pilot, and now NBC has released an extended trailer for the show. What does this new look at the show based around Hugh Hefner's infamous Chicago club have to offer? Sinatra, cigarettes, creepy old men, and a dash of murder most foul. The trailer gives us a longer look at the various cast members, and especially at the character of Nick Dalton, played by Eddie Cibrian. This brief glimpse oozes '60s era cool, but we'll just have to see if The Playboy Club proves to be the complete package. This trailer makes one thing clear, however: don't go into The Playboy Club expecting happy endings.