Community is gearing up for its fifth season on NBC. The network has yet to announce when the comedy will be making its big return, but we do know the show is at least filming, thanks to some awesome set photos posted by Alison Brie on Twitter today. On Tuesday, the actress was on the Community set hanging out with star Joel McHale and none other than Nathan Fillion.

Things were going well with the guys, who picked up Brie for some reason for the photo op. Then, while they were goofing around, they accidentally dropped the pint-sized woman, leading to a second tweet.

The point of these two photos should not be the fact that Brie, McHale, and Fillion are goofing around but that they are on the set of Community goofing around. If you’ve been keeping up with casting at all, you probably already know that Fllion has signed on to guest star in Season 5 of the comedy. He’s playing a dude named Bob Waite, who is described by Deadline as "the politically savvy head custodian who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty but is smart enough to wear rubber gloves." In the episode, Waite is set to have a run-in with Brie and Jonathan Banks, who is also joining the cast for Season 5. The Breaking Bad actor has actually signed on for eleven episodes in the new season, and he’ll be playing a professor at Greendale Community College. I wish Fillion was popping up in eleven episodes of Community next season, but I’m pleased to see the Breaking Bad actor, too.

Apparently, Fillion’s been a big fan of Community ever since the show began airing. He popped up on the Community set last year, but this year it’s even more exciting since he is actually involved with a storyline. I always find it a little strange when a star with devoted followers becomes a devoted follower of a show that also inspires devoted followers. There’s a lot of devotees in that sentence, and the fandom crossover in the above two photos is understandably hard to process for anyone who is a Firefly, Castle and Community fan.

We’ll be able to catch more of this TV awesomeness as soon as Community hits NBC’s schedule. NBC hasn’t officially announced when Community will hit the schedule yet, but that lack of announcement likely indicates we’ll be seeing the comedy around midseason. Hopefully, we will at least get some more of these excellent set photos before then (that sentence is directed at you, Brie).

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