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Well, this is about as sure of a thing as you can get in pilot season. It seems period dramas are mounting a comeback. Stepping up to fill a possible void that may or may not be left by Mad Men's heated contract negotiations, the Playboy Club with ace in the hole Amber Heard and now Pan Am with its own star, Christina Ricci, are two new show candidates putting a racy spin on the notoriously stuffy genre.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ricci is in serious talks to topline the cast of Pan Am. The primetime soap follows the once promising airline during its heyday in the 1960s. Think of it like Grey's Anatomy in the air with less doctorates. The pilots and the stewardesses will mingle and work during the glory years when people still wore suits when they flew and considered hotness a flight attendant prerequisite.

West Wing director Thomas Schlamme will helm and Jack Orman, a heavy force behind E.R., has already completed the script. If Ricci officially boards, look for this to make the fall schedule.

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