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Comic Con 2011: Fringe Panel Live Blog

The Fringe panel is next and, after the way last season ended, I'm extremely excited to see some footage! The Fox science fiction series, is about, well, it's actually very complicated. At it's heart the show is about Fringe Division, a branch of the government that investigates unusual and unnatural crimes. Enter parallel universes, supernatural performance enhancing drugs and Anna Torv. Enough said. It's the one show that if you miss a week, it can feel like you missed a season and Season 4 starts September 23.

4:27 They get right to the exclusive clip reel. Yes!

4:31 The panel is introduced, which includes John Noble, Anna Torv, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nikole, Blair Brown and Seth Gabel.

4:32 Noble opens with a statement, "On behalf of all of us, you guys are the best fans that any company could ever have. Seriously without your efforts and rabid support, we wouldn't be here. You are the best fans that ever existed, thank you sincerely."

4:35 They show an audition reel for the now open role of Peter Bishop. The stars who 'auditioned' included Lindelof, Grunberg, Emerson, Pudi, Garcia, Scheer, Probst and it ended with Joshua Jackson dressed as an observer. Josh Jackson walks on stage and the crowd goes crazy.

4:41 A fan wants to know how the "loveshild" could exist if Peter never did. Anna chimes in, "the question is, is there a child anymore?" Loud oooooohhhhs.

4:43 As far as what's in store for Season 4, specifically Olivia's powers we're told, "all will be answered." And then, "we're not sure we've seen all her powers yet?"

4:46 Lance Reddick does his best Olivia/Anna doing Leonard Nemoy. It's pretty spot-on. Reddick also tells Joshua Jackson to "shut up, you don't exist anymore"

4:47 "Playing Walternate was great, but there's a childlike innocence to Walter that is fun to play [...] plus I don't think Walternate is that bad. I have a soft-spot for him." Jackson interrupts, "you shot my wife in the head!" Noble's rebuke, "people can change."

4:49 As far as an Alt-Nina is concerned, Blair Brown says "if Nina is this world is very controlled and controlling, maybe in the other world she is out of control. Havoc."

4:52 Jasika is a singer, and she hints at a more adventurous Astrid next season by breaking into song with "Astrid has a gun." Does this mean she's going to get out in the field a little more.

4:55 We've seen the animated episode and a musical, so what's next? The head writer jokes, "the nude episode." Noble complained that he's the only one forced to get naked. The exec producer said he had a "tight tooshie" which makes Jackson interrupt and apologize to the crowd.

4:58 Flipping the script, the cast is going to ask the audience questions. Prizes, "purchased in the alt-universe so you can't return them here." They're actually save Peter T-Shirts.