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I just walked out of the panel for FX's Archer and, well, I couldn't have been happier. Actually, I'm still pretty happy about what we saw. Oh, you want to know what we saw? How about the first episode of a three-part special starting September 15, 2011.

That means, for all you fans of Sterling, Lana and, most importantly, Bionic Barry' we're going to get a nice, three episode treat before Season 3 proper kicks off next January. The three-part special, titled 'Heart of Archness' opens with Part I which begins to resolve the cliffhanger of Season 2 (presumably so everything is wrapped up nicely, with Archer back at ISIS for the third season).

The episode itself was, like the rest of the series, hilarious. The crowd erupted in laughter often (so much that the following jokes were obscured by the sound... something I don't think FX minds too much). There were a couple of special guest as well with Patrick Warburton (Family Guy) and David Cross (Arrested Development) providing their voices for the special. This means we get an on-screen pairing, and an extended one at that, with two of the best comedic voice actors working today in Warburton and Archer lead H. Jon Benjamin (oh, and David Cross is no slouch either).

The panel was raucous, raunchy and also full of laughs, just like the new episode. September can't come fast enough.

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