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NBC might be keeping Community off of the schedule until midseason this year, but the network hasn't held back when it comes to advertising the comedy. So far, we’ve gotten plenty a full-season trailer making plenty of jokes about Troy’s exit from the series during Season 5, but also introducing us to some new characters and plotlines. This week, however, the network pulled out even more stops, putting together a special animated trailer that features Jeff Winger suited up and ready for the holidays.

In the preview, Winger is hanging out at his apartment when reindeer Chang and Dean Pelton bust in through a window. The two Greendale Community College fixtures pull out a magic Santa bag featuring Troy, Abed, Shirley, Britta and Annie. The short segment is called “Miracle on Jeff’s Street,” and it features a funny playful jab at former cast member Chevy Chase’s character, Pierce, as well as plenty of other inside-joke humor. At one point, Annie talks about how the gang can hang out for a full hour on January 2, followed by a half hour a week for four weeks before they have to stop chilling due to the Olympics. It’s more amusing when you know the series is getting a one-hour premiere on the 2nd, followed by four weeks of regularly scheduled programming before the show has a brief hiatus, thanks to—you guessed it—the Olympics. That’s the sort of poking at the network that NBC alright with, unlike some of Dan Harmon’s past comments.

The humorous animated segment is not the only promotional item the network has put together this week. NBC also released another clip this week that brings the gang back together for a scene called “The Save Greendale Committee,” a clip that also conveniently brings the gang back together.

Community is the sort of show that inspires obsession. If you are one of those avid fans, there’s a good chance you’ve caught some of NBC’s earlier promotional material, which includes a trailer featuring Walton Goggins, another featuring Jeff’s return, and even numerous mentions of cast returns and new guest stars.

You can catch the series when it makes its epic return to NBC on January 2 at 8 p.m. ET.

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