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Conan Takes Manhattan, Crashes The Today Show, And Will Officiate A Gay Wedding

Conan O’Brien is visiting New York for the week, which means fans of the TBS talk show will get to see their favorite red-headed host back on the East Coast beginning with tonight’s episode. So far, during his trip, Coco managed to crash The Today Show, which you can see in this video ahead, and at some point, he may be officiating a same-sex wedding.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, at some point during Conan’s week in New York, he’ll be serving as the officiant at one of his long-time staffer’s wedding. The wedding, which will legally bind husband to husband, will take place in New York, which is one of only a handful of states that legalized gay marriage. No word (yet) on which episode we’ll be seeing that.

What we will be seeing tonight is Jimmy Fallon, who’s lined up as one of the guests for tonight’s episode. And, judging by this sneak peek below, it looks like we may also be meeting Charles LaFontaine, a mustached Chargers fan who’s tall enough to get into the frame of The Today Show despite all of the posters and cameras threatening to block our view of him...

Conan airs weeknights at 11/10c on TBS.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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