Cops Cancelled At Fox And Saved By Spike TV

Back in March, we came up with a list of shows you may not have realized were still on the air. Cops was at the top of our list. The cop-focused unscripted series dates back to the 80s, long before the reality TV genre blew up. Cops has stood the test of time, outliving numerous other shows at FOX, but its run on the network has come to an end, truly marking the end of an era - but not the end of the series. Spike TV has swooped in to rescue the show.

TV Guide posted the news today, stating that after 25 seasons on Fox, Cops will continue over at Spike TV. The network - which is known to air wrestling, tattoo reality shows and the occasional Rocky marathon, among other films and TV shows - has ordered 22 new episodes of Cops, which will comprise the long-running reality series' 26th season, which will debut in September. While the channel will change, the time-slot will stay the same, as the show is set to air Saturdays at 8/7c as it did on Fox.

TV Guide says production has already started in various locations, including Sacramento, Sarasota, Florida and Texas. In the meantime, Spike TV has also secured a deal to air older Cops episodes, so viewers of the cable channel may expect to see back-to-back repeats airing on Spike TV in the future. What's more, from what Spike TV president Kevin Kay says, Cops may be used to build new original series set for Saturday nights on the channel. With that in mind, the network may shine a fresh spotlight on the series, which shadows police officers while they're out on duty. It sounds like Fox had Cops on the back burner, preempting the latest season in favor of sports. Spike TV may be able to give the show the attention they feel it deserves while also using it to set a foundation for bigger things to come at the channel on Saturday nights.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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