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Cougar Town: 2009 Fall TV Preview

Among the new series ABC has set to premiere this month is Cougar Town. Starring Courteney Cox, the show follows a divorcee and single mom who’s about to get back into the dating scene. As she sort of missed her twenties, while she was busy being married and raising a son, she has a lot to learn about how things are for single women these days.

Below is ABC's series description and further down you'll find a video clip and some episode photos:

“Courteney Cox stars as Jules, a recently divorced single mother exploring the honest truths about dating and aging in our beauty and youth obsessed culture. While most women in their twenties go through life experiencing the challenges and often humorous pitfalls of meeting men, Jules took on the responsibilities of marriage and raising a son. Now in her forties, she embarks on a journey to self-discovery whilst surrounded by fellow divorcees and singletons eager to live or re-live a time gone by.Along for the journey are her friends and family: Laurie (Busy Philipps), the younger, feisty co-worker who encourages her to get out there and have some fun; Ellie (Christa Miller), the sarcastic, unapologetic confidante content with her life and marriage to her average, but loveable husband, Andy (Ian Gomez); ex-husband Bobby (Brian Van Holt), a classic under-achiever who'll test her patience as they attempt to raise their teenage son, Travis (Dan Byrd); and newly divorced neighbor Grayson (Josh Hopkins), who proves to be a catalyst of sorts for Jules.”

The premise alone isn't selling me on this one but the video clip was definitely amusing enough to get me interested in checking out the pilot when it airs later this month.

Cougar Town premieres Wednesday, September 23 at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Kelly West
Kelly West

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