Could Netflix Resurrect Firefly? Nathan Fillion Says Hmm

File this one under "brash speculation" and feel free to administer whatever salt you have on hand, but it's certainly fun to think about. A couple of days ago comic writer Marc Bernardin posted a piece on his blog entitled "Could Netflix Bring Firefly Back From the Dead?" In it, Bernardin points to Netflix's resurrection of canceled cult-classic series Arrested Development as precedent to suggest that the answer is a solid...maybe.

In and of itself, the story isn't that remarkable. It's a question CB Head Honcho Josh Tyler and I were debating over IM just the other day in the wake of Netflix picking up an original show from Eli Roth. And Bernardin's blog post would probably have remained just another footnote on the internet, until Firefly star/all-around geek god Nathan Fillion tweeted a link to it, like so:

Now, just because Nathan Fillion publicly hmms on the subject doesn't mean this is happening, or even likely to happen. As Bernardin rightly points out, there are still plenty of obstacles that would have to be hurdled before Firefly could rise again on Netflix. They'd have to work out the rights issues with Fox. They'd have to find a way to pay for it, 'cause space shows aren't cheap. The cast members who are currently involved in other shows, such as Fillion on Castle and Morena Baccarin on Showtime's Homeland, would have to find out if it would be possible for them to work on both shows somehow.'s certainly not impossible. Netflix and Fox already have a relationship, and even a Whedon-based (opens in new tab) relationship (opens in new tab). Netflix has already proven it's willing to put its money where its mouth is, making deals with people like David Fincher and Weeds creator Jenji Kohan, not to mention Eli Roth and the Arrested Development folks. As for wrangling the contract conflicts...well, that would probably be the trickiest part.

Still, it does make one think. Netflix has shown that it's committing to original programming in a big way, and the Arrested Development deal changed the whole ballgame. If they actually were to bring back another fan-beloved show like Firefly...we could be in for some very exciting things in years to come.

Oh, and Netflix, if you're taking requests, I'd like to throw Farscape's name into the hat. Just sayin'.

Thanks to Zap2It for spotting Fillion's tweet.