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Daenerys Is Looking Sexy And Scruffy In New Game Of Thrones Season 6 Image

The sixth season of Game of Thrones starts on April 24, and true fans are dying to get any info they can on the new season. When we left our mostly morally challenged friends, they were just as scattered and troubled and we’ve come to expect them to be. And, Dany had an especially rough year.


Dany had a lot going on in Season 5. She had arrived in Slaver’s Bay in Meereen and taken over. Everything was looking pretty cool; she’d stopped slavery and was trying to set up a society that accepted everyone as free. And, as you could guess, there was some tension, especially when Dany stopped the fighting in the pits and had one of her murdered Unsullied soldiers buried in their sacred temple. Then she executed a former slave for killing one of the Sons of the Harpy before he could be tried.

The Sons of the Harpy are not happy with that whole no slavery thing, and they carry out an attack on the Unsullied, seriously wounding Grey Worm and killing Ser Barristan. Dany retaliates by feeding a noble to her dragons (Damn, girl!), and imprisoning other nobles. But, she does reopen those fighting pits, so there’s that.


Dany has to show her support for the fighting, so she attends the next fight, and, man, does it ever go badly for her and her team. The Sons attack them and there’s a brutal slaughter at the stadium. Almost coming to an end with Dany, Missandei and the rest of her protectors being killed in the center of the pit. But, Drogon appears to protect Dany and, even though he’s badly injured in the process, helps her survive.

When we left Meereen, Dany had taken off on Drogon, leaving Tyrion and Lord Varys to govern, along with Missandei and a still recovering Grey Worm. Drogon lands and is too tired and injured to listen to Dany’s pleas to go back to Meereen, and she soon find herself at the mercy of a Dothraki horde with no dragon to protect her. And, you know, it’s hard for Dany to not bring the beauty, but she is a bit torn up after that by her near-death experience and flight-by-dragon. Dany drops her ring before being surrounded, with the hope that it will be found and someone can track her. Lucky for Dany, Daario and Jorah are already on their way to find her.

OK, that’s a basic round up of the big moments for Dany from Season 5. I’m sure some answers and a lot more questions will be waiting for us when Season 6 starts. So, to help you get ready, here’s a little gallery of some shots from the new season. You know, to help whet our appetites for all the craziness, sex and murder to come.

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