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It looks like book adaptations are going to be pretty popular topics all day today. Just a couple of hours after Fox bought a project based on Neal Stephenson’s novel Reamde, AMC signed on for an adaptation of Dan Simmons’ 2007 novel, The Terror. AMC’s project will have very little in common with Fox’s technological thriller. In fact, The Terror is a period drama with a horrifying twist.

Set in 1847, The Terror will follow an expedition traveling through the Northwest Passage. Of course, without technological advances, the crew will face plenty of obstacles during their dangerous trek through the Artic. However, challenges of cold and land will seem ordinary in the face of a grotesque and dangerous monster lurking near the ships as they press onward. This will lead to a fight for survival for the crew, as well as for the locals.

Deadline first reported the news, noting that The Terror will be written by David Kajganich, a Hollywood writer who is currently adapting another book, Stephen King's The Stand, for the big screen. Additionally, Kajganich will executive produce the project for AMC, alongside Ridley Scott, David Zucker, Alexandra Milchan, Scott Lambert, Meghan Lyvers, and novel writer Simmons.

AMC is usually keen on period dramas and adding a horror element into the mix, ala The Walking Dead, should fit in quite nicely with the network’s programming. Plus, it probably helps that The Terror is a bestselling novel and should already have an avid fanbase. We’ll let you know if the adaptation moves forward into the pilot stage at the network.