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Could Dana Delany be leaving Desperate Housewives? From what’s being reported, it seems ABC has approached her about starring in a new pilot called Body of Lies, which could mean an exit from Desperate Housewives.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, nothing’s set in stone as far as a deal between Delany and ABC to star in Body of Lies. BoL will be a procedural that follows a former neurosurgeon working as a medical examiner and using her background to help solve crimes.

Not being a fan of crime-solving procedurals or, thanks to Grey’s Anatomy’s steady decline over the last few seasons, medical dramas, the pilot doesn’t sound all that appealing to me but Delaney’s departure from Housewives would definitely be good news. Don’t get me wrong. I think Delaney’s a great actress and worthy of the Emmy she won for China Beach back in the day. I’m also a fan of DH but Delaney’s character’s a complete mess right now and has been for a while. As of late, she’s become the token recovering-crazy-person on the show, who’s now toying with exploring the world of same-sex romantic entanglements (with a stripper). That story arc alone would’ve been great if it weren’t almost immediately following her brief stint in a mental institution, thus making her appear emotionally unstable and confused as opposed to just being sexually curious and open minded. So if Delaney getting a new role means the end of the disaster that is her character on DH, I hope it works out for her.

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