It’s official: Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe are set to work together on an upcoming British mini-series based on a Russian chronicle. As of a few weeks ago, the rumor mill was Radcliffe would be playing the younger version of Hamm in a series meant to take a look back at a doctor’s experiences during WWI. It’s always handy when the rumor mill turns out to be true, and that is the case for the Sky Arts production.

The roles Hamm and Radcliffe will play seem to be slightly different than what we first considered, however. The four-part miniseries will follow Hamm as an older Russian doctor looking back on his WWI tenure as a medic. Radcliffe will pop up onscreen as Hamm’s younger self in a series of exchanges between the two actors The Guardian is noting will be “bleakly comic.”

Producing company Big Talk is behind the miniseries, with some help from Hamm’s jointly-run production company Point West Pictures, and is based on the 1975 short story collection A Country Doctor’s Notebook, written by Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov. Mark Chappell, Shaun Pye and Alan Connor are adapting the miniseries, which is currently running under the title, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, for television.

Hamm’s producing credit goes a long way to explain how he got on board, but, apparently, it was the literature itself that drew Radcliffe in.
"I have been an obsessive Bulgakov reader for a couple of years now so when the opportunity to become involved in this project came up, I could barely contain my excitement. The book is funny, grotesque and heartfelt in equal measure and I look forward to working with a great group of people to help bring it to life."

A Young Doctor’s Notebook is set to premiere in Britain in 2013. TV Blend will keep you posted if the project gets picked up in the States

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